3 Reasons to Visit South Korea

3 Reasons To Visit South Korea

I recently visited South Korea to do show with Gwen Stefani! I must say  South Korea by far is of the best places I have ever visited and performed at. Here are three reason why you should take a trip there.

  1. Beautiful City

South Korea is one of the cleanest places I have ever visited. I hardly saw any trash laying around on the floor. The buildings are neatly designed. I felt like I was in Lego land because of how neatly the structures were placed.  

  2.  Amazing Temples

In down town Seoul There is a wonderful peaceful temple called Jogyesa.  i wen there and felt at peace as i walked in. i was able to see the South Korean culture through the temple. There are some amazing views of the city from the temple as well. watch the video above to get an idea of how amazing the temple is, but of course there is nothing like seeing it for yourself.


3. Great Place To Shop

Seoul has many great locations to go shopping. In the hotel I stayed at, there was a huge underground mall that took about 15 min to get from one end to the next. The food there was amazing. Many Korean Barbecue spots that will have your mouth watering. Also, there are  many market areas where you can go and get cultural and unique South Korea Products such as the fashions of Myeong-dong, the luxury of Cheongdam-dong, the indie and vintage of Hongdae area, or the whole-sale of Dongdaemun and Namdaemun markets 

Jason Facey