Jason Facey Is A Professional Dancer, Actor, Motivational Speaker, And An Entrepreneur .

I'm So FACEY was created by Jason Facey. He is a big dreamer who believes that through faith, hard work and discipline any one can accomplish any goals or challenges in their lives. Jason Was born in Jamaica and lived there until he was ten years old. He moved to the united states for a better education and a chance at the American dream. Through his years of being in the united states he has accomplished many things.

I'm so FACEY Shirts are a symbol of hope and motivation for success. by wearing these shirts you are committing yourself to overcome and accomplish all obstacles that are in your way. Only by having faith, setting new goals every year, and crushing them, will you get to the next level in your life's journey. As long as you are  F.A.C.E.Y, you will grow.